Keller Group plc is the world’s largest independent geotechnical engineering contractor, with over 12,000 staff worldwide and offices in around 40 countries.

Today, with sales above €2 billion, Keller is the number one player in North America; it has leading positions in Europe, is the leader in Australia and has a growing presence in the Far East and emerging markets.

In Scandinavia, Keller currently operates in Norway trading with Keller Geoteknikk and in Sweden trading as Keller Grundläggning and in Finland through a joint venture known as KFS (Keller Fin Seula).

The Keller Group was founded 1860 and was noted at the London stock exchange market 1993.

Keller Skandinavia was started in Sweden year 2006 and the headquarter/workshop/warehouse is located to Lindome outside Gothenburg.

Regional Manager Norway West

Regional Manager/Branch Manager West Norway

Purpose of the role
The new role as Regional Manager in west Norway will focus on serving the existing clients base as well as but will also expand and broaden the portfolio of projects.
The existing soil mixing operation will need to be continuously developed, the new role will be instrumental in winning new business, supported by the existing operation and also drawing upon experience gained across other European Keller countries.
The base of the new role for the beginning will be to run major project under execution currently in Norway.
Success in this role is likely to require a high level involvement in infrastructure projects.

Key Responsibilities
This Regional Manager at Keller Geoteknikk of Norway West will have full responsibility and accountability for sales and profit of the region. First and foremost, the health and safety of the business’s employees must be assured, the new manager will be able to work with the existing Keller HSEQ team to deliver this.
Presenting Keller Group to clients and consultants will take up a significant proportion of the working week. Generally, and particularly in the early stages of the business, the manager will be important in winning contracts and also generating new work

Job Description & Specification
The recruitment, retention and development of staff will ensure the growth of the company and again this will be an important part of the role for the manager. Extracting knowledge and experience from the established European Keller partners will support the aims of the company.

More specifically the responsibilities would include:
 Developing the medium term plan and setting clear goals and objectives for the region and the team.

. In the beginning this person will need a first period of time working in the Oslo area to get experience and information of the culture, policies, customers etc

Maintain the normal and regular administration, reporting regarding projects, budget and result,

 Managing the submission of major project bids, including multi-disciplinary solutions and ensuring that risk and opportunities are comprehensively assessed and managed.

 Responsibility for the day-to-day work of all aspects of the work in the region, like be active part in running the different projects and do regular follow up.

 Maintaining and developing the organisational culture, values and reputation in its markets and with all staff, customers, suppliers, partners and regulatory/official bodies.

 Leading and motivating the staff and workforce to ensure the full enhancement of their skills and capabilities.

 To grow the business from new and existing customers and markets, by meetings with partners, consultants and possible customers in the region.

 Reporting to the Senior Manager in Oslo.

 To bring energy and focus to the development of new products, new technics and machinery and the identification of markets opportunities.

 When appropriate proposing capital investment necessary for the development of the region.

 Executing the responsibilities of a company Manager in accordance with the law and upholding the Keller Group standards in relation to safety, ethics, quality, integrity and corporate and social responsibility.

. Travelling mainly within Norway will be an important part of the role

Experience, skills and qualifications needed
The right person for this position in the west part of Norway is likely to have gained good solid experience over at least 5 years in general construction work, infrastructure projects, experience from geotechnical foundation projects is a merit.

Experience from the different geotechnical solutions is good but knowledge in every one of Keller’s techniques is not required.

In developing the business the person will need to demonstrate maturity, trustfullness and to be a role model for customers and his/her directreports.

Skills and motivation in technical problemsolving, social networking, giving presentations and selling is important.

Leadership experience is important in this managerial role. The Manager will need strong influencing skills - with the ability to lead and motivate the team as well as negotiate with expernal/internal senior Managers.

Naturally the Manager will be self-motivating, and able to work hard and at times in isolation.

The Manager should also be prepared to travel mainly within Norway but also Sweden and at times elsewhere.

Keller welcomes interest from candidates who will add to the Group’s diversity.

To be suited fort this position the reight person needs to be extrovert, flexible and a sort of common sence type of person

Education is not the most important criteria, a technical high school education is good, to have an education in civil engineer, is a merit but not a must

West Norway.

The ability to speak and write Norwegian and English is important.

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